Succumb to Darkness Cover Illustration

Cover illustration for Succumb to Darkness by Lauren A. R. Masterson. Depicts three vampiric figures dressed in historic clothing, one woman in a simple blue dress with pale skin, red hair, and red eyes on the left, one woman in a purple dress with lace fringe with pale skin, blonde hair, and purple eyes on the right, and in the center, a man with dark tan skin, black hair, and yellow eyes. Behind them is a brocade-edged curtain.

Date: 4/29/2023

Physical Dimensions: N/A

The Sharp Edge of Yesterday Cover Illustration

Cover illustration for The Sharp Edge of Yesterday by K. M. Herkes. Depicts a woman holding a ball of glowing green light on the right (front cover) of the image in the foreground. The background is of a forested, grassy plain lit by a rising sun, gradually shifting from light and renewal (on the right) to darkness and decay (on the left). A river guides the eye from the foreground to the background to a dilapidated building. On the far left, two figures sit and lean against a crumbling wall, looking towards the rising sun. One has a crest of spines running from her forehead down her back (standing). The sky on the far leftmost side is lit by a green aurora borealis.

Date: 3/28/2021

Physical Dimensions: N/A

Indros Warrior on a War Garn

Full-color painting of an armored man riding on the back of a saddled, horned, be-feathered bipedal dinosaur. The background is a broad vista of a gray-blue mountain range dusted with snow, gray-green and -yellow foothills, and yellow flat grasslands, over a cloudy, early morning or late evening sky. The rider is dressed in bright blue lacquer armor and carries a spear with a banner tied to it. Personal concept art illustration for Prophecy’s Exile, originally conceptualized to explore saddle designs for the dinosaur.

Date: 6/8/2022

Physical Dimensions: 12″x14″